Mr. Mohamed Rashid - Chairman

Mr. Rashid is the Executive Vice Chairman Milly Group 

Mr. John Msafari - Vice Chairman

Mr. Msafari is the Administrative Director at East Africa Sea Food 

Mr. Gilbert Langat-Board Secretary

Mr. Langat is the Chief Executive Officer of Shippers Council of Eastern Africa and the Secretary to the Board. 

Mr. Genesio Mugo - Immediate Past Chairman

Mr. Genesio Mugo works with Vivo Energy. He has been a member of the board since 2013. 

Mr. Meshack Kipturgo - Board Member

Mr. Kipturgo is a former chairman of the council and the Managing Director at Siginon Group. He represents the tea sector.

Mr. Peter Busolo- Board Member

Mr. Busolo Works with Kapa Oil Refineries LTD

Mr. Edward Mudibo - Board Member

He is the Managing Director at East Africa Tea Trade Association. He represents the tea sector.

Mr. Hasit Shah - Board Member

Mr. Shah is a former chairman of the council. He represents the fresh produce sector and is the managing director at Sunripe.

Mr. Tobias Alando - Board Member

Mr. Alando is the Chief Operating Officer of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM). 

Ms. Elizabeth Kimkung- Board Member

Ms. Kimkung works with Freight Forwarders Kenya

Mr. Auni Bhaiji - Board Member

Mr. Bhaiji is the Regionall Director Bollore Africa Logistics. He joined the SCEA board in 2016.

Mr. Abizer Alibhai - Board Member

Mr. Alibhai is the Head of Supply Chain at Weetabix East Africa Limited.